Stratford Road

Various photographs of the Stratford Road Wolverton.

The Front c. 1955
Formerly Gurney's: Monumental Masons
McCorquodale's offices
Formerly Page's Garage.

The Candy Box:A confectionery/sweet shop for about 100 years
Jersey Road corner c. 1960

Formerly Griffiths Bros. Shoe Shop, 55; Dentist, 56; Dentist, 57

Originally Barber's Picture Palace

Craufurd Arms

Formerly Lloyds Bank in the middle
Works entrance: Cambridge St.

Window display at 28 Stratford Road, showing older model kits and and old display cabinet

6,7,8 Stratford Road. No 6-7 was the first house built in 1860. No 8 was a later infill.

8,9,10 Stratford Road. No. 9 was the second house in 1860 and No 10 was a late Victorian infill, built over the entrance to the North Western yard.

North Western Hotel, built c. 1861
This drawing shows the Royal Engineer and the first and second house in 1860.
The former Royal Engineer, built in 1841

View in the 1960s

View c. 1960

1 comment:

will hayfield said...

Ah, Stratford Road...some great memories there. My aunt married one of the Gurneys (Harold) of monumental mason fame and the business later moved to Church Street, just about opposite 'The Empire' cinema. I think they used to go to the flics every week - irrespective of the film.
The Candy Box - I remember someone crashing into the shop front on a driving lesson - a family driving lesson, like a son teaching his mother or some such...and on another occasion the boy who lived there - can't recall his name - took a pic of a prang which they published in the Wolverton Express. My dread was Pedley's hairdressers - nothing against Mr Pedley but my father used to make sure that all the hairdressers in town would give me a real short back and sides, just when visions of emulating The Beatles were beginning to take shape.
'The Palace' was a good dance hall in the mid 60s with occasional named acts - I remember Wayne Fontana - him of the Mindbenders - getting the girls excited, but there were invariably fights outside after hours. The Craufurd Arms - scene of my wedding breakfast in 1973. That's when the family home was in Cambridge Street, having moved from Abbey Way (prefab) to Gloucester Road (new council house) and then to the bottom end of Cambridge Street. But I'd already run by then - and was working in Wales.
I very much enjoy the posts - and your book - and i still get back to Stony once a month - where my mother is still going strong at 91.