Monday, February 20, 2017

Half a million page views

At some point recently this Blog notched up 500,000 page views. I don't always check this so it was only this morning that I saw that it had reached 514,595 page views. This must tell us something about the interest in Wolverton.

I started this in a fairly inexperienced way in September 2008. At first very few people noticed, as you might expect, but traffic slowly built up. After a few months the blog was clocking about 1000 views a month, but by the middle of 2012 this had built to 10,000 page views a month - sometimes more. Towards the end of 2013 traffic tailed off when I was blogging less frequently but in the last two years the visits average 6-7,000 a month.

The largest number of visitors come from the US at 238,715 , surprisingly ahead of the UK at 189,092 There are quite a lot from Germany and smaller numbers from France, Australia and Canada, but what beats me is that Russia is logging 5,579 visitors.

What I probably didn't realise when I started this over 8 years ago is the extraordinary information there is about Wolverton and how many stories there are to tell, so I think there is plenty to keep me going for more years to come. I won't be blogging with the kind of intensity that I was five years ago, but I will try to keep up a reasonably steady flow.

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