Friday, May 31, 2013

Wolverton 80 years ago

Wolverton looking west
This photograph, taken in the 1930s, is a reminder that Wolverton was not a static development and that the development after Milton Keynes came into being just accelerated the pace of change.

This is the Wolverton of my parents and grandparents. Victoria Street marked the southernmost limits of Wolverton and the residents on the west side of Anson Road had their gardens backing onto open fields.

Stacey Avenue and Marina Drive and Gloucester Road are yet to come, as was the extension of Windsor Street. Eton Crescent and Aylesbury Street West were also developments that just preceded my birth. I can also remember Furze Way being built in the late 1940s, The cemetery appears quite isolated in the south west corner.

The Carriage and Wagon Wworks and McCorquodales were probably at the peak of their development in this photo.

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