Friday, February 22, 2013

Obscure Stony Stratford Inns - Part III

The Blue Anchor

This is a most unusual name for an inland pub. While this name is often found at coastal towns, it strikes me as rather odd to find it in Stony Stratford. But here it is.

It was probably and alehouse rather than an inn; therefore little more than a house of sorts with the front parlour open to customers. Robert Edge, who is named in the deed, was a gardener by trade and his alehouse provided him with an additional source of income. What he gets in this deed is "all that messuage, or tenement, with the appurtenances situate on the east side" and "a pyghtle of pasture" - meaning a small plot of land. A "messuage" is Norman French, still in use in the 17th century, for a house, any outbuildings and the yard.

The date of this document is 1678. It is the only time The Blue Anchor appears in a document.

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