Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stacey Farm Cottages

The cottages we most associate with Stacey farm are the two at the beginning of Stacey Avenue. They were probably built around 1890.

This photo, probably dating from the 1920s,shows the farm gate that led to Stacey Hill Farm. In the background you can see the Moon street school.

There were earlier versions of these cottages which were to be found at the bottom of Green Lane. In censuses from 1851 onwards they are identified as such and at least one of them was inhabited by a shepherd, leading one to believe that bush fields and the fields latterly occupied by Wolverton expansion in the 1870s and 1880s were given over to pasture.

About the time of building the Gables, these cottages were acquired and converted into a single dwelling lodge house. Plan drawings survive in the Buckinghamshire Record Office which I reproduce here. The drawing is undated but it is probably late 1880s. One of the staircase is scribbled over with pencil, indicating that this was to be removed. The front elevation is probably as it looked before the conversion.


Roger Kitchen said...

The photo was actually taken in 1913 during the British Army manoeuvres in North Bucks. The clue is on the sleeve of the chap on the left - 'MP' - he's a Military Policeman. The troops were camped in the fields of Stacey Hill farm and in the fields of Wolverton Secondary School, as well in other locations in the area. There is at least one photo of the school in the background and a tug of war taking place in the foreground

Bryan Dunleavy said...

Thanks Roger.