Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Lost Barn and Canal Bridge

Following from the previous post, here is a plan in a little more detail for the land acquisition of 1864. This allowed for works expansion.

There are two structures here which had to go, a barn close to the Stratford Road and a canal bridge. Both show on the 1835 OS map, so one assumes that the barn pre-dated the canal and the bridge was erected in 1800 to provide access to this barn and to the Old Wolverton Road. There are some clauses in the bill of sale that require the company to dismantle the bridge and build a new one at their own expense. The bridge was certainly dismantled, but I am not sure that a replacement was built.

I haven't looked into this, but there may possibly be some remaining evidence of the bridge supports along the towpath. I would be most interested if anyone can find them.

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