Sunday, October 14, 2012

Morland Terrace Revisited

I have written about this terrace on two previous occasions here and here.
Today I would like to write about the end-of-terrace house that for so long has been a shop front, largely because this photograph has come to my attention.

As you can see this was an elegant double-fronted house after its first construction. There were two large front parlours and probably at least four bedrooms upstairs. The house next to it is similar in design and construction and these houses were for their time (mid 1880s) amongst the grandest houses on offer in Wolverton. Note the boot scraper beside the front door.
 The frontage has now been radically transformed. the three upper sash windows have been replaced by two large pvc units. The shop frontage obliterates the original. The slate roof has been replaced by composition tiles and the chimneys have disappeared.

The symmetry and architectural embellishments of the original house have been destroyed by the modifications. Only some of the eave supports remain.

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