Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wolverton in 1847

Wolverton station in 1847
This plan of Wolverton I discovered last week attached to a report to the Radcliffe Trust by a man called Edward Driver. It is dated April 17th 1847.

On of the issues that Mr Driver had to deal with was the encroachment on the field (here marked in red) by the residents of Wolverton who were setting up allotments at the back of Bury Street. There were even pigsties, according to Mr Driver.

Mr Driver's recommendation was to sell the field marked in red too the LNWR and build a high brick or stone wall around the railway property to prevent any further encroachments. He further suggested the sale of the two fields marked in brown. I am not sure that this sale was effected at this time, although it was done later.

The field coloured yellow was the one leased to Clare and Congreve to build the Radcliffe Arms. Most of this became the Park in 1885. We can here see a clear drawing of the radcliffe Arms and its approach roads. One curiosity here is the proposal for a new pb on this land, more-or-less where the station entrance used to be. As far as we kow this was never built.

All of the original streets are shown here, but you can see the extension of Ledsam Strteet and Young Street as pencil lines. These cottages were built in these years, as was the short extension of Creed Street, which was mainly shops.

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