Monday, February 20, 2012

Mead Mill

In 1086 two mills were recorded in Wolverton. They were not named but it is reasonable to suppose that they were on the sites of the later mills. The eastern mill became known as Meadow mill, or Mead Mill. The western mill, where Wolverton Mill now stands, was known as the West Mill. After the disappearance of Mead Mill in the 19th century the west mill became the Wolverton Mill.

 The railway put Mead Mill out of business. As the map shows, the new embankment and viaduct required the river channel to be diverted, leaving the old water mill without a water supply or a mill race. I assume that the mill owners made  a conscious business decision to close down the mill and take the compensation. By this time (1837) there was less business for local mills and Wolverton could function quite well with use a single mill.

The mill continued to be inhabited, according to subsequent censuses, for another 20 or 30 years. Then it was pulled down and little trace remains.

As this plan illustrates, the embankment and new river course required that the Haversham road be diverted as well.

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