Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blogging Directions for 2012

I started this blog in September 2008 without any clear idea of where this might lead. Most of my posts were fairly random, although I did develop some consistent themes at times. Until quite recently I was producing 15 to 20 posts a month on average, but since September, for various reasons, this level of activity has fallen off.

Three years ago there were hardly any readers, but gradually various plateaus were achieved - 40 a day, 100 a day and now typically over 300 a day. I put a page counter on after the first 9 months and since then we have logged almost 70,000 page views.  Some posts have logged over 500 readers; some only 3. It's difficult to predict what interests people. The piece on Field Names, for example, got 257 page views. I would not have expected that level of interest. On the other hand, a piece about Holy Trinity church only attracted 11 readers. Anyway, there is obviously a lot more interest in Wolverton than I might have imagined three years ago.  Thank you for taking an interest..

My last piece on Thomas Harrison and the Copper King took quite a bit of research and time to write and I rather think that this will be typical from now on. Less will mean more, I hope. I will try to put out at least one post per week, but I anticipate that this will be the pattern for 2012.

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