Thursday, October 13, 2011

Listed Buildings - The Milepost

The British Heritage reference can be found here.

The cast iron milepost dates from 1833 - that much is a fact. However the listing suggests that a mistake was made in the casting - one side reads "Buckingham 9 miles and below it Stratford 1 mile"; the other side reads "Newport Pagnell 5 miles and below Stratford 1 mile." They argue that the casting should show "Wolverton" on one side, and indeed in later years this was painted on.

On thinking about this the mile post would have made perfect sense to a traveller in 1833. You were one mile from the crossroads and you either had 9 miles to go to Buckingham or 5 miles to Newport Pagnell depending on your direction. You were, to all intents and purposes already in Wolverton as it then was and a mile post would be unnecessary. In fact it could not have been placed at the location we all knew in the 20th century because the new road linking Wolverton Station and Stony Stratford was not constructed until many years after.

After the railway was built Wolverton Station was exactly two miles from Stony Stratford when the Stratford Road was built and I would be inclined to assume that the "Wolverton 1 mile" was later painted on to reflect that fact. 

There was, in my opinion, no mistake in the original casting.

The milepost, pre-restoration, looked like this.

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