Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More back alleys

Back Alley between Cambridge Street and Windsor Street c. 1956

This view is looking north towards Church Street. Of interest here is the garages starting to appear on the Windsor Street side. car ownership was just developing in the 1950s and garages were required. Paint quality was not to today's standard and protection from the elements was considered to be essential.

Photo courtesy of Ian Turner.

See also my commentary on Back Alleys.


Andrew said...

That's so interesting that somebody in 1956 chose to record that photo. Although it's fascinating to me now, at the time it must have been a completely unremarkable photograph. I'm pleased they did though.

I think that one of the house on left was in my family at the time. I will need to take a diversion down there to see, next time I am in the area.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

And now I regret not taking photos of Wolverton in the 50s when I had a camera but I was looking for more scenic subjects.
When you do swing by perhaps you would be kind enough to take another photo to record the changes after 50 years.

Will Hawkins said...

If you have any requests for photos of the area send them to me and I will gladly send them to you, I live just around the corner and have a good friend on Windsor street. I can tell you that it hasnt changed much other than telegraph poles and such being installed. I can get a picture from this exact location.

Will Hawkins