Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Junior School 1952

First Form Wolverton Junior School 1952
Another photo from Ian Turner. Here are some names supplied from Alan Cosford's memory:

Front Row: Christopher Bear, 1?, 2?, 3?, Richard Mynard
Second Row Seated: 4?, Christine Goodridge, 6?, 7?, 8?, Miss Faux, 9?, 10?, 11? 12?, Peggy Marshall
Third Row: 13?, 14?, 15?, 16?, 17? 18? Rita Walker, 19?, 20?, 21?, 22?, Glenda Frisby
Back Row: Alan Cosford, 23?, David Snowden, 24?, Ian Turner, John Bennett, 25?, 26?, Malcolm Goodridge, 27?, Christopher Bull

Names-to-faces are welcome.

The teacher is Miss Faux, who used to travel from Potterspury every day by bus. I did hear a few years back that she was still alive, well into her 90s.

The view looks north. The wall which used to separate the Aylesbury Street and Church  Street schools has now gone, as too has the pre-fab behind it which used to be the school canteen.

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