Monday, September 12, 2011

Cambridge Street in the 1950s

Cambridge Street, looking towards Aylesbury Street

Cambridge Street, looking towards Buckingham Street
These two rather grainy photos show Cambridge Street in the mid 1950s. On the corner of Buckingham Street was a haberdashery known as Mullins. It was bought by a Rowland Hunt a few years later.

On the Aylesbury Street corner you can see Dimmocks, the grocery at 39 and I am not sure about 37. It was a Ladies Outfitter, but it may have become an office at the time this photo was taken - Registrar's Office?


Andrew said...

Even though these photos were taken 20 years before my time there, they do (according to my recollection) look exactly as I remember them. Perhaps Wolverton didn't move on much during the 1960s. The styling of the car in the second picture does look very 1960s rather than 50s to my eye. Quite a nice car too.

The two shops on the Aylesbury Street corner in my time were Boddingtons Florist at number 37, and a Mace general grocery store at 39.

Andrew said...

I think the car is an Austin Westminster A99. Th A99 Westminster came on sale in 1959, and the A110 version in 1961 so this would date the photo to 1959 at the earliest.
It could also be a Wolseley or Vanden Plas version of Austin Westminster, essentially the same car.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

That would date the picture very precisely. The photos were taken by Ian Turner's father and the family moved to Cyprus in 1959, so they could not have been taken any later. In fact the photos may have been taken to use up the roll of film.
In any case this would mean that the car was recently from the showroom.