Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is this box?

In this picture (which I featured yesterday) there is a big box standing in the middle of the pavement behind the foreground figures. What could it be?

If I tae the lamp post as a fixed reference point, the box may be opposite the old Post Office. (I am assuming here that lamp posts will always stay in roughly the same position even if they are replaced.) If this photo was taken before the Post office moved to Church Street, this box may have something to do with that.

I'd be interested in any ideas or suggestions.


Bryan Dunleavy said...

June Watson suggested that it was a wardrobe, and this is probably right. In the 1935 Kellys Directory there was a Furniture Dealer at Number 10, Victor Davis. In the mid 50s it was an office for Davis Brothers, removal Contractors.
The mystery appears to have been solved. The wardrobe was either on its way in or out of the shop.

keith bartholomew said...

I think it's the tardis from Dr. Who

Will Hawkins said...

It could be just outside of the western looking at the brickwork and step. I would agree that it does look like a wardrobe.