Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Old Wolverton Road

The road from Stony Stratford to Newport Pagnell followed a perfectly sensible path along the Ouse Valley until it reached the hill where a climb to Stantonbury, either east or south was necessary. Hence the toll gate at the bottom of this hill. As you can see from the map below the road goes more-or-less directly to Stony Stratford avoiding the hill to what became Wolverton Station. This map was surveyed in 1830 and the railway line and Wolverton Station was added as a reprint in 1839. There are two additional roads - a road from the Old Wolverton Road along side the railway to access the station and the Radcliffe Arms, and a track over the canal, straight down the hill to Stonebridge house farm. Later this road took a trun towards Haversham and then continued east by the Drill hall.

The railway also caused a change in the Haversham Road turn-off, as can be seen from this drawing. The course of the original road can be seen in the faint drawing.

After 1860 the Stratford Road at New Wolverton was cut through to make a direct link. This became the main road between Stratford and Newport Pagnell and the Old Wolverton Road became a quiet byway. This changed in the 1960s when the land north of the canal was opened to industrial development. The road was widened and more industry has moved into the area.

After Milton Keynes road and residential development the corner by Wolverton Park House and Primrose cottage was made into a cul-de-sac and a new road cut through to a roundabout by the Wolverton-Stratford Road.

If you click below a Google map will show the present road configuration.

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