Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wolverton & District Archaeological Society

The organization was founded in 1955 when there was precious little work going on in this field. I do remember reading about its formation in the Wolverton Express. At the time I was a teenager with more urgent interests. So when I revisited Wolverton's history some 50 years later I was astonished to find that the organization is still going and has a strong and committed membership. They are to be congratulated.

Next Wednesday I am making a presentation to the group about my own work on the foundation of the railway town, so while I get my presentation organized and delivered there will be no blogging for a week.

You can find out more about the society here.

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Save St Peter's Church Group said...

The excavation of St Peter's Church Stanton Low was carried out by Mr. Keith Tull and Mr. Ray Bellchambers and team in around 1955 and I believe this led to the formation of the Wolverton and District Archaeology Society.