Friday, February 11, 2011

How the other half lived

Wolverton had no rich people but it did have a tiny middle class. Here from the 1851 Census is the household of the splendidly-named Brabazon Smyth Stafford.

Mr Stafford came from Dublin and started work at Wolverton on the first day of its existence as a railway station.He was the chief accountant and was paid £300 a year - a good middle class income when most railway workers earned £1 a week.

Brabazon S Stafford Husband Mar 43 Accountant Dublin
Elizabeth Stafford Wife Mar 34 Dublin
William Stafford Brother Mar 39 Invalid Dublin
Brabazon S Stafford Son Unm 7 Bucks
Anne Stafford Dau Unm 4 Bucks
Elizabeth D Stafford Dau Unm 3 Bucks
Mary J Stafford Dau Unm 1 Bucks
Emma Berridge Servant Unm 22 Northants
Anne Green Servant Unm 20 Northants
If you look at the floor plan of one of these villas you can see that this family could be comfortably accommodated. Mr & Mrs Stafford in one bedroom, his sick brother in another, the children in a third and the two servants in the fourth. Between the children and the washing, cleaning and cooking, I imagine the servants had their hands full.

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