Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Anson Road Post Office

44 Anson Road was Wolverton's only, and it appears last, sub Post Office. This has now been converted to a residence with few clues that it was once a shop. The bay window is probably recent. if memory serves me correctly the shop window was originally plate glass. They also sold stationery and some toys around Christmastime. It was run by a man named Longmore and it was clearly named the Anson Road Post Office.

That much is simple and straightforward, but when I checked back in the Trade Directories to see when it might have started up I encountered a surprise. Up to 1939, the address was 44 Jersey Road, not Anson Road!

Some facts first, from Kelly's Directory:
1924 Henry Riddell, shopkeeper, Post Office 44 Jersey Road
1928 Henry Riddell, shopkeeper, Post Office 44 Jersey Road
1931 Henry Riddell, shopkeeper, Post Office 44 Jersey Road 
1935 Wm S Longmore shopkpr & post office, 44 Jersey Road 
1939 Wm S Longmore statnr. & post office, 44 Jersey Road 
I spoken to one or two people who are possibly old enough to recall if it was ever in Jersey Road. The house that is there shows little evidence of ever having been a shop other that a side door on Aylesbury Street, but I have to assume that the Kelly's directory was right. Even if there was a mistake in the 1924 edition it would not have survived for 15 years and two owners.

It is not immediately obvious what Mr Longmore gained from the move. The Anson Road address might have been larger and was certainly a slightly newer building.


Anonymous said...

That is not the post office. the post office is the other side of the road.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

Thank you for pointing out the error. The wrong photo was selected by mistake. That building was of course 37 Anson Road which was for a long time a grocery. The correct photo has mown been placed in this post.