Monday, August 30, 2010

Bartholemew Maps

Ferreting around in a flea market in Wimborne today I came across a collection of Bartholemew's Half Inch Maps. I loved these maps when I was young. They were easy to read and detailed enough for a cyclist and the scale meant that they covered sufficient territory that one map was all you needed to take with you. The contours were coloured so that you could take in the terrain at a glance. Contour lines on OS Maps were always the same colour and sometimes hard to read. The other nice feature about these maps was the mounting of the printed paper panels on cloth so that they could be folded without damage.
This map is dated 1957 and originally cost 5s - 25p in today's monetary translation. My original disappeared years ago, so I replaced it today for £2.50!

Here we have the Milton Keynes area pre-Milton Keynes. It's all very rural. Coffee Hall and Bleak Hall were just farms. Willen, Broughton, Milton keynes, Wavendon, Woughton, Walton and Woolstone were all tiny villages. Only Bletchley was growing. The land between Bletchley and Fenny Stratford had been infilled and new estates had been planted at Denbigh hall, Beltchley Park and Water Eaton. Galley Hill at Stony Stratford is curiously marked, although it was open fields. The Old Wolverton Road had no industrial development.
Wolverton itself shows the extension of Windsor Street and Gloucester Road and Marina Drive. You can also see the Bradville Estate where it says Stanton High.
All in all, a very underpopulated part of England compared to the present.

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Brian Barton said...

Hi Bryan
Great to hear from you really enjoyed your book so felt I had to give you a plug when I get some free time I shall be reading your blog on Wolverton had a quick look and I think it is fantastic wish I had more time on my blog to write a through history on the new city of Milton Keynes but can only tinker with it and combining it with my other passion politics.
I will update my blog piece on where to purchase your book as I bought my copy at Milton Keynes Musuem and the sticky label says £8.00p on the back cover I hope i'm not hetting them in to trouble.
Do keep in touch.

Kind Regards

Brian Barton