Monday, July 5, 2010

New Bradwell in 1851

Prior to the new railway houses what later became New Bradwell didn't amount to much. There was a Windmill House above the canal occupied by George James, the miller, and his family. Nearby, and still occupying this site, was the New Inn, and there were two houses listed at Bradwell Wharf, which I think may have been on the east side of the Bradwell Road.
The area also records a "Roadside Cottage" and a "Grove Cottage", although there is no way of determining the location from these documents. A Toll Gate House  is presumably located on the Newport Road - then called the Turnpike. The only other occupied house in this area, occupied by Thomas Clarridge and his family and some lodgers is called "Puddle House" in the 1851 Census. The same house is unnamed in 1861, although occupied by the same family. Clarridge was employed by the Grand Junction Canal, so it is safe to assume that he was living beside the canal.                

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