Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wolverton Works

The Works were the whole reason for Wolverton's being so I'm going to run a series of posts about the development of the works. Phillip Webb, who is working on a history of the Works development and decline has shared some of his watercolours with me and I will post these over the next few blogs.
Let's start at the beginning.
The first engine shed was completed in 1838, in time for the opening of the line from London to Birmingham. It was basically a square and occupied most of the land the Company had acquired.
This drawing is not 100% accurate in every detail but it should serve to give an idea of the original. The engine repair shop, which could manage about 30 engines, is the large one at the bottom right,
A plan of the original set up is drawn below:

The painting below by Phillip Webb shows the same building in more recent times. The roof has changed and the building no longer used for its original purpose.

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