Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Lost Streets of Wolverton

Finally! After endless editing and corrections the manuscript went off to the printers today. It's a 162 page paperback - 23 x 15cm or 8x6 inches. Colour cover and b&w illustrations inside. I decided in the end that full cover was too much of a luxury and too much of an expense.
The price is £11.53 and equivalent in US and CAN $. It's probably a reasonable price for a non-mass market paperback.
If anyone is interested you can hit the buttons at the left hand side of this blog. Delivery is 3 to 5 days.
Time to open a bottle of red wine!


Nigel Goss said...

I have just bought and read your book. I was very interested to see the street plans and illustrations as my maternal grandfather's (Frank William Wootton) birth certificate shows he was born at 415 Bury Street, Wolverton Station, in May 1882.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

Thanks, Nigel. The house numbered 415 was one of the larger 3 storey houses designed orginally for foremen or clerks. It was first occupied by Joshua Harris - a grocer and pharmacist.

haycock said...

My sister sent me a copy of your book for Christmas. It brought back many memories. Like you I did not venture into the 'Little Streets' very often but I did play with a boy who lived in a larger house at the very southern end of Ledsam street. The house looked along Green Lane and I recollect that it was outside grounds of the Gables. It had a long garden and there were steps down to the backway between Young Street and Ledsam Street.

This house is not shown in any of the figures in the book and so I am wondering about it.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

The house I think you are talking about is the double-fronted one. It was originally a water-pumping station and was built with extra-thick walls to support the water tank. It also served as a bath house from about 1855 until the Stratford Road facility was built. In 1890 it was converted into a house for the schoolmaster and was used as such until after the new boys school was built on Church Street. I believe one of my great uncles lived there until he retired, so I was never inside.
You'll find references to this building, and plans on page 79 - The Tank House.

haycock said...

Thanks, that is definitely the house. Fig 25 is the view from it looking down Ledsam Street and fig 24 clearly shows the steps that I mentioned going down to the back way or road.

I used to deliver evening papers to two ladies in Ledsam Street until they were moved into Orchard House.