Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm going to take a tour around some corner shops that were pretty fundamental to Wolverton's food economy before the coming of the supermarket.

This house at 115 Windsor Street used to have a glass conservatory at the side, just like ours at 113. You can pretty well see where it used to be because of the new wall and the painted area on the wall. Alice Bremeyer ran her shop out of this area. Her father Reuben (always known as "Pop") ran a dairy here before the war but after that retired from business and left his daughter to run the shop. There were also, I believe, two sons but they had moved on to other things. Alice sold green grocery and most staples and my mother was always popping across the road to buy the odd item. It was very convenient. For any household living to the south of Western Road, namely the Windsor St extension and beyond, this was nearest shop.
Alice soldiered on here until the 1970s. I was told that she decided to pack it in when the government introduced VAT


haycock said...

Smith's was our corner shop on the junction of Aylesbury Street and Windsor Street. I believe that it is still going strong.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

I also remember Smiths very well and used to spend pennies there on my way to and from school. The shop appears now to have been much enlarged. Back in our day it was essentially the front room and in front of the shop they used to lay out vegetables under the awning. Sidney Smith was also a photographer and took portraits in a room upstairs.

Andrew said...

The 115 Windsor Street conservatory was still there in the 1970s when I used to walk along Western Road to Bushfield. It must have only just closed because it had painted signage exclaiming "Teas" - which lead me to presume it was a tea shop or cafe sort of place.

Smiths in Windsor Street is very familiar to me, I can recall the tinyest detail about the place - it was so much a part of my childhood.