Tuesday, January 26, 2010

133 Church Street

A week or so ago I wrote about small dairies in Wolverton operating before WWII. This house/shop on the corner of Church Street and Windsor Street was one of them. The proprietor then was G. Young. After the war it became a general grocery shop operated by G. Whalley. It was not in my recollection ever a busy shop. I think the steps were a barrier of sorts and there was direct competition with Tarrys across the road at 136 Church Street and Wheeler's on the corner of Cambridge Street.


haycock said...

I remember that Whalleys opened on Sunday afternoon. We used to call there for sweets.

Davies on the Square and Brocklehursts on Anson Road also opened on Sunday afternoon for the sale of sweets. I think the Sunday trading laws restricted what they could sell on a Sunday.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

Yes, you're right, it was the rather antiquated Sunday Trading laws. You could buy ice cream and sweets and you could buy alcohol during restricted hours in pubs but you were forbidden to buy anything nutritious like meat or vegetables.