Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stanton Low

Wolverton needed to expand but could not do so within the manor of Wolverton because the Radcliffe Trust were unwilling at the time to give up more agricultural land. So they acquired land to the east in Stantonbury. The new town eventually took the name of New Bradwell.

Stantonbury was no more than a scattering of dwellings but there was a church by the river opposite Haversham, known to us as Stanton Low.

The church pictured here is now a complete ruin. In my boyhood the church was still more-or-less intact. It still had a roof, doors and a font as I remember. At the time it has not been used for 60 years but it was then merely neglected rather than ruined. It was open to us and accessed by a track from the Black Horse bridge at Linford. I believe it was vandalized in the 1960s and the roof eventually caved in.

The church was dedicated to St Peter and the name survives in the local football club - Stantonbury St Peter.

The church was abandoned after the opening of the new church of St James, unfortunately the licence to marry was not transferred to he new church and the error was not discovered for some years. When it was, there was great consternation amongst those married couples who discovered that they had been LIVING IN SIN. I understand there was a rush to get married in the Stanton low church at this point. Common sense did break out when the Bishop decided to permit retroactive consecration of these marriages.


mick said...

I lived at Haversham for some years and would walk via Hall Farm to the old church from time to time. The riverbank there was a good spot for a picnic and sometimes we did venture to Gt.Linford to enjoy the pleasures of the Black Horse; trouble was, we had to walk back!
Interesting article; however, do you know what became of the settlement? A local man who lived at Hall Farm told me that he thought it may have been enclosed and abandoned or that it may have been a plague village which was left to ruination. I would be interested in any further information you may have regarding St.Peter's and the settlement at Stanton Low.
Mick Finn

Bryan Dunleavy said...

Thanks for your interest Mick. You've prompted me to do a bit of research and I have put this up today as a post on Stantonbury. Now that I have looked at it there appears to be a big gap in our knowledge.
Certainly everywhere was affected by the plague of 1349 but the land remained and the survivors continued to farm it, so there would be no special reason to abandon the village at this time. On the whole I would suggest that there were never a lot of people living on the manor.

lushkarma said...

hi. i go to stanton low a lot especially in the summer. so peacefull over there and most of the time cant even hear a car!! i sit and watch the barn owls hunt in the spring and summer at dusk. i would love to know a lot more about the area, especially about the village that used to be there. there are signs of the river nearby being worked also.

Bryan Dunleavy said...

Thanks for your comment. I have written a piece about Stantonbury, which you can find here http://wolvertonpast.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/stantonbury.html